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My Personal Journey

My story is classic ~ for years I struggled with various health issues: chronic fatigue, carpel-tunnel syndrome, warts and other skin issues, chronic yeast infections and UTIs, crippling anxiety attacks, terrifying chest pain, I was even having petit mal seizures(!!)...the list goes on. I went to cardiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, allergists, your head spinning yet? Mine was. 


Each doctor I visited told me that everything was "normal" - but I knew that as a woman in my early and mid-30's that feeling bad and not having energy was not normal. I was ready to schedule a surgery for carpel-tunnel symptoms and my cardiologist was keen to put me on cholesterol-lowering drugs (even though my cholesterol was fine).


That's when I put on the brakes and decided to give a functional, holistic approach a try.


My symptoms improved drastically once I made some tweaks to my diet and when I worked with my own Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she transformed my health to a level that I did not think was possible within a couple of months. I lost 50 pounds, had no need for surgery, cholesterol drugs, and my anxiety attacks disappeared.

Today, I am 75 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest.  I feel better in my mid-forties than I ever have in my entire life!  I'm working out 6 days a week with plenty of energy to spare, living my dream and helping others.

I am passionate about functional, precision nutritional therapy and cannot wait to see you succeed on your own journey!

- Ann Jambor

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