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Transition ~ Heal ~ Grow

Mend the Gap Between Knowing & Doing - Nutritional Therapy for the Individual.

"Knowledge isn't power until it is applied." -Dale Carnegie

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Ann Jambor NTP

Your Expert Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Hi! I'm Ann!! My goal is your goal. Whether it is weight loss, getting your sex life revved up, managing an autoimmune diagnosis, balancing blood sugar issues, or just not feeling so dang tired all the time, you can find the help you need with Nutritional Therapy.

Nutritional Therapy is foundational. We ALL eat. We NEED to eat. And the beauty of Nutritional Therapy is that there is not one magic diet, shake, or pill that will get you to your goal. Nutritional Therapy is tailored to you and your bio-individual needs.

What is Nutritional Therapy anyway? Great question! Foremost, Nutritional Therapy is evidence-based. With Nutritional Therapy you will get highly individualized nutritional recommendations to take your health to the next level. Are you taking supplements because you read this or that blog that says they're good for you?? You will save LOADS of money on supplements because you will be getting exactly the supplementation your body requires for the phase of life you are in today. Nutritional Therapy takes into account the whole person and does not treat your body like an equation. We don't count calories. Your body is so amazing and intuitive that when we point it in the right direction, the body heals itself. You just need the right road map to know how to get there.

Meet Ann
Why Naturopathy

Why Nutritional Therapy?

Why am I here sharing this space with you? It’s simple. I believe that what we do and how we treat ourselves matters – not just for our personal health and wellness – but globally. Our choices are affecting our personal health, yes, but more importantly, those choices are affecting the world around us and, ultimately, the lives and legacy we leave to our children. I want us to level-up and make sure that we are leaving future generations with a sustainable, healthy planet and that starts with you.


What does it mean to be healthy? To me, it means freedom. I believe we should all have the freedom that good health brings. It means you aren't just surviving each day but thriving and living your best life. Imagine what it would feel like to be living in a body that is free! My purpose is to revolutionize the lives of my clients by freeing their bio-individual power. Our full expression of health is a combination of energy, balance, and love. When we heal our bodies and our minds, we are a positive force – not just with ourselves, but also with our families, and the world around us.

My Personal Story

My Personal Journey

My story is classic ~ for years I struggled with various health issues: chronic fatigue, carpel-tunnel syndrome, anxiety attacks, chest pain...the list goes on.


Each doctor I visited told me that everything was "normal" - but I knew that as a woman in my early and mid-30's that feeling bad and not having energy was not normal. I was ready to schedule a surgery for carpel-tunnel symptoms and my cardiologist was keen to put me on cholesterol-lowering drugs.


That's when I put on the brakes and decided to give a functional, holistic approach a try.


My symptoms improved drastically once I made some tweaks to my diet and when I worked with my own Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she transformed my health to a level that I did not think was possible. I lost 50 pounds, had no need for surgery, cholesterol drugs, and my anxiety attacks disappeared.



I am passionate about Nutritional Therapy and cannot wait to see you succeed on your own journey!

Ann Jambor

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


Your Health Journey Starts Here

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